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Dutch voice over Jeroen Kramer

    • 20+ years of  experience

    • direct contact

    • delivery within 24 hrs

    • high end studio included

  • translation service

Get it done! Dial  +31655 182520 or email me. I love compliments, which you can read in my reviews. Meanwhile check my price list and listen to the downloadable demos. Or grab a coffee and browse for an hour or so…  


As a Dutch voice over, I can be heard not only in commercials on radio and television – I am also a voice over in countless corporate videos, narrator in audio books, audio tours and e-leaning modules.  Many thousands of Dutch voice castings have led to my voice.

perfect audio

Naturally I often frequent many studios. In addition I supply top quality finished audio from my own ProTools studio. Delivery within 24 hrs, mostly the very same day. And via Source-Connect Now you can plug my Neumann directly into your input channel.

get your Dutch voice over on the phone

If we’re not in the same studio, direct consultation over the phone/whatsapp/whatever is the next most efficient approach to hitting the right tone before I start recording. We try out a few lines, until you hear what you’re looking for. Live direction via Skype or Source-Connect Now is also possible. In the end it will sound just the way you had in mind. Or even better!


My broad experience in front of the camera, on stage and behind the studio microphone has allowed me to develop a wide range of voice registers – from youthful enthusiasm to authoritative warmth. From corporate no-nonsense to exuberant madness.

English voice overs

In addition to Dutch I also do  English voice overs . My accent is British, but I’ll gladly add a touch of Dutch if required.

custom demo

Need to get your client on board?  I record custom demos for potential jobs starting at € 250 at no charge.

Downloadable voice demos:


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