English voiceovers

In addition to Dutch I  do lots of voiceovers in British English. I can also manage a US, neutral, continental, or transatlantic accent. And of course I can add a ‘touch of Dutch’ if you like. Call/email me for ‘special requests’!

I do corporate, medical, government, educational, cultural, advertising – you name it. Sometimes clients find it convenient to hire me for both a Dutch and an English version. How’s that for efficiency (and a better price deal) – two voices in one voice casting!

And sometimes British, American, Dutch and German clients simply hire me just because they want me to be their English voice.



English demos (audio only)

In addition to Dutch I also do English voiceovers, usually in a British accent. I can also manage an American accent, and of course a neutral, continental, transatlantic or a ‘touch of Dutch’ are also possible. Call/email me for ‘special requests’!

Multiple Sclerosis

fragments from a Medscape TV video on relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis. Medscape is a US online magazine with the latest medical news for healthcare professionals. http://www.medscape.com/today

Zondag met Lubach

Satirical programme on Dutch TV. As the Danes are advertising in the Middle-East to discourage refugees to come to Denmark, this video is the Dutch answer to that (and to avoid misunderstandings for lack of context: this is satire/fictional – not real).

gay village case film

Award-winning campaign for LGBT acceptance in the shape of a hoax commercial.